Wedding Co. of Williamsburg | Vendor Spotlight

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Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton RoadsFor today’s Vendor Spotlight, we are so excited to introduce you to Jess of Wedding Co. of Williamsburg! Jess started her wedding coordinating company in 2012 and assists couples with everything from day-of coordination to a full planning experience. When you become a Wedding Co. Couple, you become a part of the Wedding Co. family. Jess’ goal is to allow every couple- as well as their family and friends- to be guests at their own wedding while executing the wedding of their dreams. She believes that wedding planning should be stress-free and an enjoyable experience for the couple. She strives to be one step ahead so that you never have to worry about what’s next!

“Every couple should dance the night away and relish in the celebration of the incredible next chapter of their lives!”- Jess of Wedding Co. of Williamsburg

Photo Credit: David Schwartz Photography

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What led you to planning weddings?

My whole life I have always been the girl who organized girls night, weekend trips and “gatherings” (my gatherings always turned into big events). My vivacious personality, love of people, my yearning to please people, and my serious organization skills and creativity led me to the world of events! I had the opportunity to intern for a local wedding planner during college and that is where I fell in love with the industry. The adrenaline, the love, the happiness, the tears….I was instantly hooked!

What is the inspiration behind your business?

I put my heart and soul into my business. The love, encouragement, and support from my husband, family and friends inspires me to continue to grow Wedding Co. to its full capacity. I am beyond grateful for every opportunity I have to work with each couple. My story is a pretty incredible one, but I always find myself inspired when I hear my couple’s visions for their next steps and their futures after marriage. The fact that I am a part of so many love stories and new chapters is truly a remarkable feeling.

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Friske Photography

What do you love most about Hampton Roads weddings?

What is there not to love about this area? The vendors are one of a kind! They are not only my vendors that I choose to work with on a weekly basis but they are my friends- my “friendors!” Growing up in this area, I always knew I would grow up and come back after college to set roots here. The couples that we get to work with are incredibly kind, the towns are rich with history and tradition, you can find backdrops ranging from colonial to the beach. . . we have it all.

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Friske Photography

Describe your ideal couple!

Ahhh…this question gets me every time! What I love about the business I am in is that I get to work with so many different couples. Their personalities, visions and what is important to them is always unique from other couples. But what I do love, is that every couple, whether they are over the top or looking for a simplistic theme, they have three things in common. 1. They are madly in love with each other. 2. Their wedding day is single-handedly one of the most important days of their lives and they cherish that. 3. Even if they have it all together, there is bound to be a day where things just aren’t going right, but they are there to pick each other up.

As much as I love a couple who has a gorgeous theme, cascading flowers and incredible lighting….I love the couples that understand that at the end of the day, it’s about the marriage and the fact that this is only the beginning of this thing we call life!

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Friske Photography

What is your favorite moment during the wedding and how does it feel to have planned it?

When all the bridal party members have walked out and the groom is at the top of the aisle and all of the guests are anxiously awaiting the bride to make her grand entrance, there is always the sweetest most special moment between the bride and her dad in those three minutes before he gives her away. There are usually tears, a laugh or two and the most genuine hug you will ever witness. After their special moment I look at her and say, “Are you ready to go get married?” The smile she has says it all! As she walks ahead of me, I fluff her dress and a tear falls from my eye. I am so proud in that moment for that woman and her dad walking to the man of her dreams! I think you get the picture of how that moment feels….it’s like nothing else!

Share with us why wedding planners are so important!

Oh my goodness…how many paragraphs am I allowed to write on this? Kidding! I cannot stress why wedding planners are so important. We are your friend, your counselor, the bad guy to those who we need to fight off for you, the listener, and the one that makes it all happen. I tell couples all the time: “You know the bride and groom will never be setting up items on their wedding day. However, your family, bridesmaids, and friends will rise to the occasion and take care of all the details. But wouldn’t you much rather have them enjoy the day with you and take in all those special moments in the hours leading up to your wedding?” A wedding planner allows everyone to relax and enjoy the day, which makes for your day to be that much more special!

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads Photo Credit: Luke and Ashley Photography

What is your absolute favorite Hampton Roads venue to work at and why?

Do I have to pick one? There are so many! I have to go with my heart and say Colonial Heritage Club. I personally got married there in November 2014, and each time I have the pleasure of working there it takes me back to my wedding day and all the special moments I had. The staff there are also over the top and are always willing to assist me and my staff in time of need. The grounds are gorgeous and it is truly southern hospitality at its finest!

What do you love to do in your free time?

Free time! Yay! I long for the days haha… I love what I do, but we work hard! When I have a minute to myself I love sitting on the deck with my hubby and our 10 month old lab puppy (okay…my first born child in my eyes) while enjoying a cold adult beverage. The pool, the river, and the beach are my happy places! If we have downtime throughout the year, we enjoy camping at Cherrystone too. If it’s a good year, an all-inclusive resort is my ultimate heaven!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to a couple who is searching for a wedding planner?

When looking for your wedding planner consider their price but really look at the quality of the service they are offering you. If you connect with that person and feel like they really get you but they are a little more expensive than others, work with them to find a package that works for all of you. As I mentioned before, we are so much more than your wedding planner and you will want someone who will be there to support you, confide in and trust with pulling together your dream wedding day!

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

Photo Credit: Macon Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Co of Williamsburg on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

Photo Credit: Brandon Dewey Photography

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Connect with Jess of Wedding Co. of Williamsburg at the links below!

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