Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

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If you’ve ever had questions about venue coordinators vs. wedding planners, today’s post is just for you! What’s the difference? Do you need both of them? Holly, wedding planner and owner of Just Dandy Events, is gracing the blog today to give you the scoop! 

Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner on Let's Wed Hampton Roads

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Holly: As someone who has been in the Hampton Roads wedding industry for over 5 years, I’ve worked with some of the most amazing venue coordinators! They make my job about a million times easier and I’m always so thankful when a venue I’m working at includes a coordinator. That being said, there are some significant differences between the coordinator that’s employed by your venue and the wedding planner that you hire directly. Understanding these differences will help you realize what you can expect from each of them, and why you’ll likely need both!

The Venue Coordinator:

The coordinator employed by your venue has a very specific list of responsibilities leading up to your wedding day. They are in charge of showing you the venue, booking your wedding date and coordinating your tastings. On your wedding day, they are in charge of implementing the choices you made through the venue. They oversee the venue and catering staff, making sure that all the tables are set correctly and the food comes out on time and accurately. Also, an important detail sometimes overlooked is that the venue coordinator generally leaves after the meal is served, leaving someone else in charge throughout the evening.

The Wedding Planner:

The wedding planner you hire is responsible for making your day everything you’ve dreamed of! They’ll be the ones to recommend the best vendors for your needs, create a timeline to make your day go smoothly, and make sure that every single detail of what you envisioned is brought to fruition on your wedding day. They will have worked closely with you over the last year or so to find out what’s most important to you, and will make sure it’s all taken care of so that you can enjoy your night with your guests. The wedding planner is generally contracted to stay throughout the entire day, from setup to breakdown, well after all your guests have headed home.

The Bottom Line:

Both the venue coordinator and the wedding planner are so valuable throughout your wedding planning process. The venue coordinator is hired by the venue, making sure their property is taken care of and the contract is fulfilled. The wedding planner is hired directly by the couple, to ensure that all their needs are met, their guests are taken care of, and they don’t have a single worry throughout the planning process.

Couples, even if your venue is equipped with a coordinator, please make sure to take into account all the things you will be hoping they can handle….and consider hiring a wedding planner as well. They make a great team and you’ll be so thankful for both roles!

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