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Savy events is a full service wedding and event planning boutique focused on creating fun and unique weddings for the whimsical bride in Virginia and Texas. We believe every element of your wedding tells a story and it is our job to make sure it shines!

Many of our couples are military affiliated and because of this, they are displaced from their families, having to tackle planning their entire wedding on their own. With love, dedication and family driving us, here at Savy Events each of our couples are guaranteed a stress-free planning experience while feeling the joy of having their family by their side. Savy events, is owned by U.S. Navy veteran, Shamira Vargas, who knows first hand about creating new family bonds. Don't wait any longer. Put your foot in the stirrups and let's ride!

Offerings: Bridal Services, Soirees, Vintage Rentals, Couture Sweets + Dessert Bars