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Taylor Haycox is a native of Virginia Beach and has lived in the area for the majority of his life. He currently resides in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake. He lived in California for two years and has had the honor of djing on both the east and west coasts. Taylor has always had an aspiration for entertaining people through music. He has wanted to be a disc jockey from as early as his preadolescent years. During his many years of being a professional disc jockey, he has gained valuable experience by starting his career with one of the largest DJ companies on the east coast. He brings the professionalism and meticulous detailing to every event and wedding that he performs at. Taylor has built a reputation that is memorable and lasts long after the party is over. He builds his business from word of mouth by past clients, photographers and wedding planners he works with, and the many venues he works at. Taylor knows that a wedding is the biggest day of someone’s life, therefore, he wants to make sure he not only meets but exceeds his clients’ expectations. He likes to give as many consultations as necessary long before the occasion to make sure the client’s desires are fulfilled.